Sunday, December 6, 2009

My week part 3

Now i will be offline for a week. Internet issues. Just had to add these photo's to my posting. Be sure to scroll down the whole page to see all the postings. Coming back from being in town the other day we stopped at the pet shop. Well you know how that can be a bad idea. Yes we went back & purchased this cute & adorable puppy. Her name is Gypsy. Mind you when we left the shop it was pouring rain. The pet shop is a 5 minute walk from my home so we walked down & it wasn't raining then. Poor puppy had to be carried home in the rain.

Now i normally read back through my postings for typos before i hit the publish post button. Being so tired i didn't quite get them all this morning & i'm very embaressed about the typo in my part 2 post. Sorry Wendy it should have read "now proudly " not "not proudly". I'm so embaressed. So here's photo's to show you it's on my tree along with Melissas ornamnet.
And yes i've checked this posting for typo's
Ok slinking off now in shame. :)

Hugzz, Jeanette


Cardygirl said...

Take care of yourself...cute pup!

Wendyb said...

I'm definitely NOT offended Jeanette!!!! fact, when i read your post, i read it as "now proudly hanging..." !!! there goes!!!
Glad you like it....looks lovely on your tree!
sugary hugs always
Wendy XX :O)

Joy said...

He he .... **note to self** check for typos before posting LOL.
LOVE your new baby!!! Awww, Jeanette, she's just adorable ... I can see why you just couldn't resist ;o)!! I bet the kids are totally in love with her ;o)!! How's she getting along with the kitties???
Love n hugs,
Joy :o)

Unknown said...

Love the puppy!!!