Thursday, September 21, 2017

Planning goes awry

I had managed to kinda start with my plan. I worked on my embroideries for several days & finished quite a few.
2 letters left & i can make up Master W's banner.

Then i caught up on my 100 days Hexies
After that i started back on my EPP quilt Purplicious Mischief. I added the 5 blocks to row 9 & then started adding it the top. 1 more row left. Annoyed as i discovered i'm short the black & white joining pieces. Don't know how that happened. I counted them 3 times to make sure i had them all.
Things went to hell after that. On Monday my Dad's Rabbitoh mirror fell of the wall hitting me in the left arm & the mirror cracked. I am so upset as it's something i can't replace.
Then Tuesday i wound up with gastro with a migraine. Fortunately today i feel better & thanks to Wendy for putting a smile on my face by telling me i'm this months FNSI winner. I am hoping to get back to sewing tonight.

Happy Stitching,


Michelle Ridgway said...

Oh you poor girl...glad you are feeling better. Such a shame about your mirror. Hope it can be salvaged. Love your EPP x

Binsa said...

Hope you feel better soon a shame about the mirror

Pamela said...

Hope things are looking up. Mischief is gorgeous!

Maria said...

What a bummer getting the double whammies with the gastro and migraine. Then for the mirror to fal on you and break.
Hope you're 100% again and that someone can repair the mirror.
Beautiful stitching and EPPing.

Maria said...

PS congrates on your FNSI win...😁

Joy from Days Filled With Joy said...

Oh dear.. you were on such a roll... What a pity about the mirror, did it hurt your arm? Hope you feel all better soon. Sending hugs your way xx

Fiona said...

hope you are feeling good and well again now..... the mischief quilt is looking amazing...

Anonymous said...

Oh dear Jeanette,i hope your arm is ok and what a shame about the mirror.
You are going so well with the bunting and your quilt is looking fantastic,well done my friend xx