Saturday, May 11, 2024

Stitching & flowers.

 I've managed another Lucy block

Stitching madly away at the last border for 12 days of Christmas though i took a break to sew the above block

Just the present on the end left & then the satin stitch. Finally after many years of it languishing i can put it together. :)

Then today whilst on Zoom i prepped another Lucy block

My daughter bought me Chrysanthemums in pots for Mothers Day last year & i planted them in the front garden. The look wonderful this year all spread out covered in blooms.

They spread a little more than i expected so i need to try & rescue 2 carnation plants & possibly a lavender from that area.

When cleaning out Mum's home after she passed away there were still a few pot plants hanging around. 2 pots had achimenes in them & i think they both did flower after i brought them back. Noticing a lack of growth in them i thought i'd have to chuck them out but one started shooting leaves up this year. I checked the other pot but couldn't find any little bulbs/corms. Now the surviving one has flowered.
I was so pleased it grew as they have quite lovely little blooms.

Happy Stitching,


Lin said...

Great to have that embroidery finished and your Lucy blocks are looking great. I love the way your Chrysanths have spread, so pretty. xx

Julie said...

The Lucy Blocks are looking great Jeanette. My chrysanthemums are just finishing now & I need to cut them back a bit. Its wonderful to have some flowering pots that were your Mums. xx

Maria said...

The Christmas project will be complete for Christmas this year.
I do really like those Lucy’s.
Such beautiful blooms.
Missed Zoom as I went to visit a very sick friend.

loulee said...

Lovely to see you working on Lucy. You sure power through those stitchery pieces.

Fiona said...

Lucy blocks are always so fun to see as they create such different patterns.... yours are lovely and what a lot of stitching in that border! Lovely to see colour in the garden...

kiwikid said...

You are doing really well with your stitchery. Great Lucy blocks. Great news the plant flowered and I love your chrysanthemums!

Cheryll said...

Nice stitching and you must have the green thumb gene... xox

Susie H said...

Your Lucy Boston blocks are awesome. I wanted to start one of those years ago and seeing yours might just be the inspiration for me to get on it. Love that your mum's plant has bloomed. Sweet reminder of her for you.


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