Friday, September 18, 2009

My Lovely, Lovely Surprise

Yesterday whilst i was sewing i heard a strange noise at the front of my house. Thought i'd better investigate. as i was walking along the side verandah i heard a soft "plop". Ooo a parcel. Maybe it's finally the 2 books i've been waiting for. I picked up the parcel & it felt very soft, to soft for books. So i was very puzzled as i was not expecting any parcels. So i looked to see the sender & as you can see it's from overseas.
To say i was astonished is an understatement. Do you remember my post a while back about sending Christams in July gifts to America to a lady who missed out? Well she sent me a totally unexpected gift of fabrics, I was so thrilled i had tears in my eyes. Aren't the fabrics just gorgeous? And my favourits colours too.


Vickie said...

Oh wow how lovely-it's great to receive unexpected soft packages isn't it..well done-good deed for a good deed,cheers Vickie

Unknown said...

So nice to receive unexpected lovely things , good for you !

Joy said...

Oh Jeanette ... what a lovely surprise!!! So kind - but then, so are you :o)!!
Who sent them to you??
Joy :o)

Kim said...

What a wonderful surprise. They are so pretty.

Anonymous said...

Hello Jeanette,it is lovely to received an unexpected gift....a warm a generous gift...Regards Lyn

Bev C said...

You are truly blessed with the material that arrived unexpectantly. Enjoy!
I love the quilt on your header.