Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My Mail today

We thought we could hear the front gate today my daughter & i but my son tells us we are hearing things. I go to my bedroom to shut my blind & from an angle i can see the steps. I came tearing out of my room to say to my kids "we weren't hearing things". There was 3 parcels on the doorstep. This is what i found.

This is my lovely mug hug and mat from Denyse in Brazil. Aren't they sweet.
I also found these in the parcel. A lovely handmade card & a piece of fabric in my favourite colours. Thankyou so much Denyse.

I was reading on a blog somewhere about watching Anne Of Green gables. I love that show so i went surfing on eBay &  found what i was after. Have to find time tomorrow to start watching. I was expecting a book or 2 to arrive so was a bit surprised to find the 3rd parcel soft. I turned it over & discovered it was from my friend Joy.

Joy had mentioned last week about finding some lovely spotties at her local patchwork shop. She then posted a photo on her blog. I asked her would she pretty please get me some & she did. Isn't Joy great. Then to my surprise i found a little something extra.

Joy had included a copy of her brand new pattern which i'm informed no one else has. Aren't i lucky. Though Joy you do realise i now have to go on another fabric buying excursion.
 Hugs, Jeanette


Joy said...

So glad you like it Jeanette ... and YES, you're the very first to get that pattern :o)!!!
Joy :o)

Khris said...

ohh I like that pattern....might have to get me Khris