Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Gifts from a good friend

Last year my good friend Kim who lives in the USA emailed me to say an Advent parcel was on it's way to me.  This is how it looked when it arrived.

As each day progressed i opened all sorts of wonderful goodies
I was even spoilt with a box of choccies that had cherries in the centre. Yummmmm. Kim must have been reading my mind as i was about to buy more stringbows when her parcel arrived & voila i opened up a packet. Blast. You can't see them properly but on the green Christmas fabric is a lovely little crystal angel for hanging & a cute bookmark. I just loved the pen(in the front in plastic bag). If you twist the top it lights up blue. Must say i entertained myself a while playing with it & showing the family. :) To many yumy recipes in the recipe book.

 My lovely Christmas apron.

Some goodies for my tree. Socks to keep my toes warm in winter.
Some wonderful smelling soap, shampoo & conditioner which i've used up. The cloth that is underneath has a white tiger machine embroidered on it which Kim made especially for me. :)
And this is what i found on Christmas Day. A gorgeous round table cloth.
So who was a lucky girl then. :)
Hugs, Jeanette


Kim said...

I am so glad you liked the little gifts :) I am still using all the ones you sent me last year.

Joanne said...

Wow what a lovely lot of goodies.
You have had some wonderful, purple gifts.

I keep meaning to let you know that I have changed my blog. You use to know me as Tatty Mum but so much has changed, that I thought I should change my blog as well.

Joanne x