Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I was hoping to show a few finishes but alas my machine picked a bad time to go on the fritz. Off to the sewing machine shop i went only to discover that it will be a couple weeks before i get it back. :(
So i’ll show you a few flowering plants &  bulbs in my garden instead.
photo's 5921
My hippeastrum in flower.
photo's 5922
A pink bottle brush. The birds love these.photo's 5923
The red bottlebrush is overloaded with flowers this year & very noisy with the birds in it.
photo's 5924
A lonely flower on the hibiscus.


Michelle said...

I hope you don't get withdrawl symptoms too bad...Lol Maybe we'll see lots of hexie flowers next Wednesday!

Julie said...

Your poor thing.....sewing machine absence, there is probably a name for that kinda pain and agony, thankfully you have your garden and some delightfully flowering shrubs to keep you occupied!