Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My Weekend

Saturday i was off on a bus trip with Vision Patchwork group. After leaving our pick-up point we headed west up the range to Gatton our first stop. Lovely patchwork shop there. Morning tea supplied by Gail & her staff. Despite the incentive of 25% off nothing really caught my eye at all. I wandered around & spotted some orange fabric & a repro which i bought as fat 1/4’s
photo's 5906
Then i mentioned to a fellow tourer about looking for repro’s & she said where she saw some fat 1/4’s. Back i went to look & discovered these. They’ll all look great in my quilts.
photo's 5907
Time to leave & head further up the range to Toowoomba. It’s the flower festival time there & as we headed to our next stop all the gorgeous Spring flowers were everywhere to see. Stopped at a quilt show but silly me forgot my camera. Some very gorgeous quilts on display there & a few vendors to visit
These lovely pinks & browns caught my eye on Nikki's stall.

We then had lunch & afterwoods headed out to Highfields, a small town outside of Toowoomba. This stop was to a bead shop. After that we went to the “Village Green” also at Highfields & visited a patchwork shop & a choccy shop. At the patchwork shop i bought these gorgeous fabrics.
photo's 5909
Spots & Chrissy fabrics. Sorry no photo of the choccies all was eaten after i got home. :)One final stop was at a church. Not a lot of got off the bus as we we very tired by this time. I did pop off & look at the plant stalls outside the church & came back with 2 plants.  Time to head home a very weary but happy traveller.
Sunday i got up to do this:
photo's 5913
I’ve got my sewing room back. :) YAY.photo's 5914
I’m so happy. Now all my stuff is in the one room i may feel more like creating. :)


Kim said...

Awesome sewing room Jeanette!!!! I am so excited the room is painted now just have to find the time to put it all in there and get it organized. Will send pic when I get it done.

Looks like you had a great time at the quilt shop tour. All the fabrics are so pretty.

I am working some pretty goofy hours right now so will look for you on tue and thur nights. I will be at the mall and if I have power I can turn msn msgr on. Have a great tomorrow :)

Michelle said...

Your sewing room looks great and so tidy!
Love the repro fabrics.

Roseanne said...

Love all your fabric your sewing room look good mine looks like a bomb has goine of in it.

Sheila said...

I am happy for you Jeannette that you have your room back and I think you are right you will feel more like creating .You bought some lovely fabrics on your tour , sounded like fun !

Jossie said...

Your sewing machine cabinet is awsome. That has been on my wish list for ages but I don't think I'll get one. I love your t\idy room.