Monday, February 28, 2011


A while back Joy posted about buying some gorgeous fabric from her local store. I thought them very pretty & emailed Joy to ask if she would pick me some up. The lovely Joy did so. She is so sweet, :)
I just love the red teacups on white. Don't know what i'll use the fabrics in yet.
I ordered a book from Maree and this is how it arrived in the postal package. Wrapped with a lovely strip of fabric that i can use . :) What book you ask?

This book. Full of interesting things.

Joy arranged to come to Ipswich a couple of weeks back & along with Pammi(no blog yet) we went to the local hotel for a delicious lunch. Wouldn't you know it it poured rain that day. Didn't deter us though as after lunch we proceeded to a sewing machine shop that also sells lots of patchwork fabrics. I came home with a few bits from there. :)
 The red to go with the teacup fabric & found the right purple spot for my clamshells. Now i can get back to making them.

Also found these lovely label panels. The panels & the red fabric were on sale. Yay.
Spotted these on the counter so they also came home with me.
Like i need more scissors. After that we went to Rose Patchwork Cottage

These Civil War fabrics came home with me. They'll be used in Barbara Brackman's Civil War BOW.

A while ago Natalie posted about her latest pattern. .I know, i know i said no more pattern were being bought this year but who was i to resist this adorable pattern. I love cats so what can i say. :)
Finally i've got myself these cute little scissors. I've been hunting a while & found a place that sells them. Yes more scissors. lol. Plus i have a different pair of embroidery scissors on it's way from the USA. hehe

I hadn't looked on eBay in ages for any Crinoline china. Searched & found this biscuit barrel on auction. I bid little thinking i'd win but as you can see i did. Added it to my collection only to realise the Lavender lady's skirt is white whereas all my other Crinoline lady's skirts are yellow. Oh well i'm still pleased with my purchase. Now if i could only get a teapot to match.
Found this gorgeous Easter ribbon whilst shopping the other day. Not sure what i'll do with it yet.


Narelle said...

Oh my! Lots of delicious goodies.
I've been eyeing off those cute kitties and the scissors you found ... can't have too many pairs I reckon.
Gorgeous fabrics and liking the look of that book ... A Lot! :o)

Valspierssews said...

Everything looks wonderful. I especially like the label panels.