Friday, August 5, 2011

Exciting mail today.

I was busy sewing when i heard the front gate bang shut. Went out to see what was delivered & saw it was only a book i'd been expecting had been pushed through onto the verandah. As i picked it up i happened to glance out onto to the stairs & there sat another parcel. Ahh excitement now as i knew the stockings from a swap i joined were due to be sent this week - could this be mine from my secret partner? I looked at the state on the addy & wondered if it was from who i thought if was or who else in the group maybe from Tassie. I knew as soon as i opened the outer wrappings & saw the envelope. Yes it was from the lovely Fee. In the excitement i forgot to take a photo of the parcel all wrapped up so had to take it after.
Gorgeous dogs & a lovely blue ribbon.
Here is my beautiful stocking & goodies Fee sent. When i opened the tin i got a further surprise as Fee had put buttons in there too. Thankyou so much Fee i just love the stocking & goodies. Can't wait to Christmas now to hang my stocking. :)

Happy Stitching,


Bev C said...

Hello Jeanette,

Oh such a pretty parcel to receive.
Happy days.

Allie said...

How lovely is that - very sweet!

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

You were very lucky Jeanette..lovely stocking..

Michelle Ridgway said...

Oh so lovely Jeanette. Fee did a beautiful job of your stocking and goodies inside. Woo Hoo!

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Beautiful!!! And for a beautiful lady, too. :-)

Sheila said...

Sweet stocking Jeanette and all those little surprises are nice too! hugs Sheila

donna said...

Your stocking is great what a wonderful gift to receive in the mail.

Cat said...

Your stocking is so pretty I love it !! !! !!

Now I'm confused though - I've wrapped my pressies and thought I had to leave them wrapped until Christmas (which believe will be difficult LOL) but are we allowed to open them?

Anonymous said...

Lucky you Jeanette,what a lovely parcel to receive

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Sweet! Both the goodies and Fee!
xx, shell