Thursday, August 18, 2011

Pets & patterns

This is our new resident. Jasper the Cockatiel. My fur baby tolerates birds as she has been brought up with them. She is the only cat of my 3 that we will put the birds near though.
Here she is with my daughter's Peachface, Bubbles on her back. The bird kept running away when i was trying to get a photo so my daughter had to hold it. :)

Finished Shell's latest heart in her lovely BOM. Today i received a parcel from Shell. I'd recently ordered 2 of her gorgeous patterns & the Valdani threads to go with them.
 Shell always wraps things so lovely.

& includes lovely choccies & a teabag. I've eaten the choccies & i'm drinking the tea whilst typing this.
Shell also included a special gift for me - 2 pieces of weavers cloth. I'm so lucky. Thankyou Shell, Harrington & Hannah.

I found that Honeysuckle Cottage is having a sale on patterns. The patterns i ordered arrived today also.

These 2 Bronwyn Hayes patterns &
Her book Chicken Feather. Such bargains.

Happy Stitching,


Linda said...

Oh my gosh!!! Those are the sweetest photos EVER!!! That is the best kitty too!! Love your furry and feathery little friends!! :-)

Michelle said...

We let our budgies out too but never while the cats our in, we would if we could trust them but they are born and bred farm cats;o)So Cute though!

Anonymous said...

what great buys Jeanette and how cute is your pussy cat

Fiona said...

welcome jasper... very lovely pet pictures there... and lovely patterns.. you are going to be busy!


Sheila said...

What a neat photo of Jasper and your kittie , a very tolerant cat indeed . Great new patterns you are indeed going to be busy. Hugs

Cheryll said...

Nice collage of stories today! Thanks for sharing with us. I'm off to check out some bargins! :)

Mãos e manias said...

Great pictures!
Love your work too!

Anne said...

Thank you for sharing photos of your precious pets. Jasper is beautiful!

We have a Quaker parrot and an Amazon. Our golden retriever gets along well with our birds. The Amazon parrot repeats almost everything I say using my voice!

Allie said...

Jasper and Kitty are so pretty!!! I wouldn't dare put a bird near my cat...lovely things you got in the mail today!

Michelle Ridgway said...

I think we could all take a leaf out of your sweet kitty's book. Beautiful photos and Shell's parcel looks devine..all that lovely thread too. Happy stitching.

Val said...

I love seeing people's pets. Jasper looks a bit cheeky and your kitty doesn't seem to be at all interested. Very cute. Your parcels were wrapped very elegantly. I love that spotty ribbon. All your patterns and the book look great.

Julie said...

You have finally done it Jeanette! I have been to The Raspberry Rabbit and it's all your fault! I can't wait to get my package so I can shamefully show off just like you do!!!!!!! THANKS!

Michelle May (Shell) said...

Such a sweet kitty! I love it when everyone get's along. :)
Glad you liked your extra goodies. You're very special to us.
xx, shell and the bunnies