Monday, September 13, 2021


 I laid out my rosettes to see how the idea i had will work out. I'm thinking a little bigger so i need another 15 rosettes. I did think i'd need that many but as i'd used up all the prepared hexagons thought i'd start sewing rows. :) :)

After i laid them out one of my helpers thought she needed to see what it was like to lay on.

And before i could pick them up along came another helper

I'm glad the 3rd helper didn't come long but then she prefers finished quilts. haha.

Happy stitching,


Janice said...

The rosettes look great when all laid out. I presume they passed the kitty test.

Maria said...

Such wonderful helpers, Hahaha!!!
The Rosettes do look lovely .....

Karen S said...

They are quick off the mark when it comes to anything spread out on the floor.

loulee said...

Our helpers do take their jobs very seriously.