Sunday, February 8, 2009

Cats,China & Embroidery

I could hear strange noises in my sewing cabinet the other day. Upon investigating discovered one of the cats had decided it was a fine sleeping place. Just had to take photo of Garfield looking all cosy in his chosen spot. I recieved an email from the lady i bought the Crinoline china from wanting to know if i'd like these 2 pieces before she listed on eBay. As you can see i said yes. Then yesterday Gail posted part 2 of her delightful Christmas BOM & i just had to do it. Of course my other sewing got shoved aside. I was busy embroidering part one of the lovely basket BOM from Anne. I've decided to do both the redwork & applique versions of the baskets. The redwork is nearly finished & the applique for part 2 is prepared.

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Kim said...

Very nice china pieces. Your Bom looks really nice. I can feel my back hurting looking at the way he is lying there so comfy.

Unknown said...

Your xmas bom block looks lovely...what a funny place for a cat nap.!!!

Christine said...

Love the picture of Garfield. Olly gets in some funny positions too sometimes!
Your Merry block looks great. I enjoyed stitching mine too.

Unknown said...

How could you say no to those extra pieces. Cats love to keep you guessing where they are having a cat nap !
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Unknown said...

Thanks for entering my giveaway Jeanette , good luck .
clares craftroom