Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Mail call

Oooh look what just arrived in the mail. Isn't it pretty? Now i can have myself my very own "high tea" party. Lol. Anyone care to join me? I'm sure i can talk the House Elf into cooking something yummy.

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Unknown said...

I'm there , is the kettle on?
clares craftroom

Kim said...

What time should I be there?

Joy said...

Aboslutely ..... white and one please :o)!!!
Joy :o)
P.S ......... it's gorgeous!!!

carole brungar said...

Oooo I'd love to join you! Am I too late?
Enjoyed your blog!

Karen said...

I absolutely adore your stand. I know I'm a bit late but hope the 'high tea' went well