Wednesday, January 12, 2011

One Flower Wednesday

As i sit & write some of Ipswich has gone under flood. We were told that the flood peak at 11 am today would be at 22 metres but the news just said it will be less than that as the rain has eased but not by a lot. I actually woke to blue skies this morning. The shops in the CBD in Ipswich have flooded already. We are also being told this is going to be worse then both the 1974 flood & one way back in the 1800’s.

Just watching the news & where my son & i drove through the CBD of Ipswich just yesterday morning is a sea of water. We made a dash over to Bargain Box for some fabrics & things. That shop will be under water now. So saddening to watch this in my State of Queensland. Fortunately i’m high & dry but so many others have had to be evacuated not mention the loss of life & there are those still missing from the inland Tsunami that swept through Toowoomba on the range & down into the Lockyer Valley.

As my blog title said it is Flower day. I missed posting last week so have those photo’s to show as well.

Picture 082

These are the 4 by 1” ones from last week. I decided to finish off the 1” ones i’d prepared as i didn’t realise i’d reached 100 when i prepared a pile 2 weeks ago.

Picture 083

1/2” ones &

Picture 084

1/4” baby.

Picture 104

The 3 by 1” ones i sewed last night. These last 3 will make a total of 114 if i counted correctly.

Picture 105

1 lonely little 1/2”. Have to find the printed sheet now to get more ready for next week.Picture 106

1/4” flower. 

I forgot to take photo’s of a few more things i’d bought over recent weeks. Though i’m still waiting on a pattern to arrive. 1 thing i did promise myself before Christmas was to buy no more patterns from January one as i’ve far to many. To buy on it will really have to excite me or it may be something i think would make a great present for a friend. Well the pattern i’m waiting for i broke my promise to myself as i bought it New Years Day. :)

Picture 102

This gorgeous snowman pincushion i ordered before Christmas arrived  a while back. Thanks to slow mail over Christmas. :( I bought this from the lovely Cori. The cute little pins came with the hat.


Cath was only supposed to be dropping some skull pins off to me but when she came she brought some goodies with her. Couldn’t resist buying them. :)

Picture 108

Beautiful and dyed felt. It is so soft to feel.

Picture 107

And the gorgeous Cottage Garden Threads. All hand dyed. The felt is also by the ladies who do the Cottage Garden thread.

Have a great day.


Quiltin' Sandy said...

Hi Jeanette, I just wanted to let you know I am thinking of you. I am ironing in the lounge room and watching the TV which is showing Ipswich and Brisbane. HOpe you are staying safe. I did hear them say 20.5 metres instead of 22. I guess that is better news than no news. Hugs Sandy.

Anita said...

These floods are just terrible. Glad you are dry though. I was wondering about Bargain Box - thought i remembered it being pretty low down.

Joy said...

Jeanette I'm so pleased to hear you're ok :o). Love all your goodies too :o).
How's Cath, have your heard anything??? Is it flooded out her way?
Love n hugs,
Joy :o)

Linda said...

I'm so glad all of you are ok, Jeanette! You are right, it's so sad. I can't imagine.

Your flowers are just darling!!

Karen said...

So sad about the flood. I'm glad you are high and dry. Over 100 on your flowers is excellent and very exciting! They are beautiful! I real like the dyed felt and thread.

Kate said...

Hi relieved that you are ok...Constantly watching the developments..Your flowers and goodies are all great..Take Care Kate xx

Narelle said...

I just love those blue 1" hexies.
Now that I've made a few 1/2" hexies I'm thinking I may make some more ... but those 1/4" hexies look too fiddly for me even though they are so cute!
Continue to stay safe!

Robyns Home in the Mountains said...

oh words are hard to come to hand how aussies are feeling for all of you in Queensland..i just cant glad your safe and strange enough keep your sewing going as it helps with emotions..take care my thoughts are with you...tata

Gerda Hartman said...

Lovely flowers again. Hope the water will go away soon. Glad you will be high and dry.

Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

Beautiful hexies - all sizes!!
I'm glad to hear that you are staying dry and safe. I try to follow the flooding over there but the news doesn't go into much detail. Prayers are being sent for everyone affected.

Nata said...

Die blauen Blumen gefallen mir am besten ;o)

Viel Grüße!

Saskia said...

Love the flowers, they baby ones are cute!
I hope that the water level will soon drop.

Sheila said...

Lovely flowers Jeanette , and lots of interesting goodies as well. Take care and stay dry and safe.hugs SHeila

Lee Prairie Designs said...
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sunny said...

I'm so glad you and your garden are above the flooding. My heart goes out to all of those who have lost so much.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely site you have. I hope the rain abates and you all will all be safe. Heard about crocodiles in the waters-

Take care.

merumo said...

I see you are having too much fun with your flowers there! Looks like really nice and fun!!

Fee said...

Your flowers are beautiful Jeanette. I love the blue flowers.

Wendy said...

Love the blue flowers!! My heart and prayers go out to all those affected by the floods.

Raewyn said...

Your flowers are lovely - such a range of sizes!! I hope the water is receding and you and yours are all safe. Special thoughts are with all Queenslanders from this New Zealander.