Tuesday, July 5, 2011

2 finishes & things

Last week was a washout for anything. I had plans too as it was the girls first week of the school holidays. Went down with a severe migraine & nausea. I normally don't get the nausea with migraines but this year i started to & it's driving me to distraction. I couldn't eat & hardly drink for several days this time around. All i managed was a little handsewing on a few days. Yesterday i sat down to finish a couple of things. One i can't show you as it's for a swap but the other finish i can.
"will power" bag pattern by Joy.

A couple of weeks back Pammi & i went to the local handmade markets. Lots to see & i only bought 2 things.
This gorgeous little bucket which resides on my cutting table to throw scraps into & the cute little owl is just for decoration.

Last week saw the arrival of the first pattern in the Christmas club i joined. Sandy also inlcuded the lovely Cottage Garden thread to stitch the pattern with.
I have some especial good news. Yesterday saw the early arrival of my great Nephew Thomas Eli. He is one special baby. You see my brother, Ian Thomas, was killed in August 1982 8 weeks after his only child was born. His daughter named Thomas after her dad's middle name.

Happy Stitching,


pamkennison said...

Hi Jeanette love the bucket, great idea for scraps. Congratulations on the birth of your new great Nephew. Love your stiched bag too.

Have a great day

rosie said...

Congratulations Great Auntie Jeanette! What a special baby...
Hope you are feeling so much better now, migraines are cruel..
I love your bag, and the bucket and owl from the market are gorgeous..

Anonymous said...

jeanette i love your posts,when my daughter gets bad migranes her neck is out she goes and gets it cracked back in and then she is as good as gold,instant relief.
What wonderful news about little Thomas's arrival,Ian will be looking down a very proud man,a beautiful little boy for everyone to love.
Yes i cant wait to start Gail pattern and the thread is such a lovely colour,have a great day Jeanette

Sheila said...

Oh Jeanette that is such wonderful news about your great nephew Thomas ,you must be so very happy.I love the bag , don't think I had seen that pattern from Joy , sweet .Sorry to hear about your migraine ,you have been having them frequently , not good ,hope it is a long time before you have another , take care .
hugs Sheila

Michelle Ridgway said...

Congratulations on the safe arrival of your dear little great Nephew. I love all your stitching and that beautiful 'rosey' scrap bucket.

Bev C said...

Hello Jeanette,

Welcome to the world Thomas.I hope you get your migrains sorted out nothing like being unwell when you have children home for holidays.
Have fun stitching your new projects.
happy days.

Allie said...

LOVE that bag, and the bucket and owl - and so glad to hear about your new great nephew. How you must miss your brother, hon!

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